L2 – The Premier Space News Subscription Service

L2 is a revolutionary and unprecedented resource that gives you the opportunity to be on the frontline of space flight, ranging from mission specific documentation, to following the development process of new vehicles and infrastructure, blowing the doors wide open on information you’ve never had access to before.

Without breaking ITAR or Export Control laws – as no such information exists on this site – L2 is like nothing you’ve seen anywhere else on the internet, covering the US, European, Russian, Commercial and global space flight arenas. Nothing on L2 is available elsewhere, not on any other site or other subscription service. We know, as we check constantly.

Currently a database of documentation, graphics, photos, information and video, L2 is updated live and daily, with the vast majority of the time via documentation that is dated the same day. L2 service is the best value for money you could ever spend on a subscription based space flight resource.

What other sites charge you a subscription for is already free on this site. L2 is literally another level.

Utilizing the existing forum format, the secure L2 areas allow you to easily search and download the information to your own computer, even allowing you to ask questions, usually answered by the many space flight industry members who already frequent the L2 sections in their spare time.

How Does It Work?

You gain access to a secure/restricted area of the site where everything is published, browsing through titled ‘threads’ where documentation – in the form of downloadable pdfs, photos, images, videos etc. – information, and discussion is placed. What you download, you keep, even after your subscription ends.

Eleven main sections are splintered off into over a 300 specific clickable topic areas, accessed via the L2 tag cloud, allowing for a menu of content from mission specific to vehicle specific and even hardware specific.

The entire database is over 6,000 gbs in size and over seven years of building – containing information that ranges from the present, to the future, and as far back as the start of the space program.

Your subscription warrants your use of our servers for unlimited downloading, in turn allowing the revenue gained from L2 subscriptions to be used to improve the site, keep the majority of the site and news as free access, and playing a part in helping NASASpaceflight.com’s present and future stability. All L2 revenue is used solely on paying the large costs of hosting such a massive site. Nobody takes a salary from NSF, we all have other ‘day jobs’.

Click here for samples and reviews of L2:

Below is an introduction video to give you an feel about what’s available in L2 – a new video will be published soon:

For just a small subscription rate – used solely to support this site’s costs – you can be involved with the inner workings of your favourite subject.

2 Month subscription $19.99
6 Month Subscription $49.99
Annual Subscription $89.99

Before you can join L2, you need to register yourself at our forums. You can find the registration form here

After you have registered yourself, *you can make your payment by clicking here using either paypal, debit card, credit card, etc*
Note: Please include your forum username in the payment notes, although all subscriptions are manually handled to ensure your upgrade is successful, with a personally sent e-mail to confirm. We don’t believe in automatic bots.
Any problems, questions – contact support@nasaspaceflight.com

When your payment is received, instructions will be e-mailed to you and PMed to you via the forum about how to access the definite source for space flight news! Turnaround of your subscription payment into access to L2 is never longer than six hours (overnight times), but is usually within 10 minutes.



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