STS-114 Return to Flight specific media site

by Chris Bergin

Launching in the next few days – this site will be dedicated to the safe Return to Flight (RTF) of NASA’s Space Shuttle fleet.

With STS-114’s current launch target set as May 15 – this site will aim to provide news, features, educational resources and interviews specific to Shuttles Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour. This site will also cover the latest on the successor of the Shuttle – the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV), news on private manned space flight ventures and future technology efforts.

Stay tuned for this site to complete construction – which will also have a forum for readers to debate in – over the coming days.

The new site will be launched in the next 24-48 hours.

We are aiming to fill the site with some background of the Shuttle and how the Space Transportation System works, as well as all the latest news surrounding the Shuttle Program.

We may post news that comes our way that is relevant before the launch date.

Our forum is now active and can be joined ahead of the forum sections being created on Monday.

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