Interested in writing about Space Flight?

by Chris Bergin

NASA Space Flight and TSV Media, LLC are offering a number of opportunities to writers who are interested in providing coverage to this website – which will be launched over the Easter Holidays.

This site will be aimed at providing specific news and features on space flight – from coverage of the Space Shuttles Return to Flight and the replacement Shuttle fleet (the CEV), to Private Space Ventures – such as the Virgin Galactic/Burt Rutan SpaceShipOne – to new engine technology and future ambitions in space transportation. – currently being built and populated behind the scenes – will be launched in the coming days, to time with the roll-over of Shuttle Discovery from her OPF (Oribiter Processing Facility) to the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building) at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida – an event (noted to be over Easter Sunday and Monday 28th of March) that will start the final stage of STS-114’s Return to Flight launch, currently targeted on May 15, 2005.


Based heavily around the final 28 launch mandate of the NASA Space Shuttle Fleet (Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour), as they complete construction of the International Space Station, NASA Space Flight will be aiming to be an important resource – both by way of news and information – to anyone interested in following the final chapter to this hugely powerful, sometimes ridiculed, often under-estimated, twice tragic, but forever inspiring space craft – before they are retired to their rightful place of honour in exhibitions such as the Smithsonian.


Branching out into relevant fields, NASA Space Flight will also be following the already-underway process of designing, building and testing of the CEV (Crew Exploration Vehicle) – which will replace the Shuttle Fleet at the end of the decade. The CEV will be tasked with not only low-Earth orbit tasks, but Human transportation to the Moon and Mars – before 2020.


Also under coverage will be the continued progress of Private Space Ventures, such as the visionary Burt Rutan’s X-Prize winning SpaceShipOne, as it prepares to take paying customers for a short – yet amazing – trip into space, as well as coverage of the ever-increasing number of projects that are also aiming to break the government monopoly on space travel.


Another field the site will cover is the exciting area of new engine technology – designed to break the barrier of interstellar travel. One such project NASA is working on for example is the development of a high-power, electrothermal plasma rocket – the variable-specific-impulse magnetoplasma rocket (VASIMR) – that is capable of exhaust modulation at constant power.


Any writer who has an ability to cover such fields should get in contact on the following address. This will be your chance to be an accredited writer on a major new site in the field that will shape our future.


Contact: [email protected]

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