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by Chris Bergin

Space is a booming worldwide business and is the one-stop portal to unparalleled, worldwide access for people who know and care about the issues and technologies of space flight.

With editors and reporters in place at all the world’s major space agencies in the United States, Europe and Russia, is the internet’s newest and best supplier of breaking news about NASA, the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station as well as commercial satellite launches.

Unsurpassed Access to the Ever Expanding Space Sector

As moves into its third year of operations, the site has established itself, by virtue of its access to news and information not available on any other space-related site, as the one stop place on the web for those interested in aerospace news and debate.

Many tens of thousands read our news articles on the news site, which have now been linked on major media sites, such as CBS, MSNBC and the New York Times to name but a few.

We are now reaching well over 200,000 unique users per month – and rising on a site that is SPECIFIC to space flight – unlike all our competitors (which work 50/50 with astronomy news).

We are also now a Page Rank 6.5 – unheard of for a young site that has not used a page rank boosting program (see sites with lots of unrelated text links on their main pages).

With government and commercial space activity reaching unprecedented levels there can only be growing interest from the public.

If you want a truly global reach for your company or products to an audience that knows, advertising on is the way.

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