USA workers told not to lose focus

by Chris Bergin

During Thursday’s Shuttle Standup Summary, United Space Alliance and NASA workers were told to keep focused – despite the on-going rumours surrounding the launch date and the status of the agency.

The summary began by asking workers not to listen to rumours circulating the launch date – which may be put back again.

“There seems to be an explosion of rumors about launch date changes,” the summary began. “We are firmly aiming for July 13th. Decision that was made on Monday confirmed that we are aimed at 7/13. Stafford/Covey story that came out yesterday did not change this.

“Do not believe everything you hear at the watercooler. If we start thinking about something, we will let everyone know.”

While the released issue of the rollback to the pad of Shuttle Discovery has been put back to Tuesday, the affect on the launch window is minimal at best. What rumours are being mentioned by workers is unknown, although concerns over ice formations on the External Tank during propellant loading has been gaining ground as holding the most potential as a show-stopper.

“Lots of rumors about the Agency,” the summary continued, under the name of NASA manager Wayne Hale. “Everything in this Agency depends upon us flying the Shuttle safely and soon. Please don’t lose focus.

“Remember that our primary job is to make the Shuttle fly safely. We must keep our eye on the ball and not lose focus that this is our most important job.”

An MSFC launch constraint – due to LOX Feedline Bracket Ice concern, leading to solution implementation requirement before launch approval – is currently the number one known area of concern in regards to debris threats.

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