New ‘no sooner than date’ July 26

by Chris Bergin

NASA managers have decided to continue to look for the cause of the Engine Cut Out sensor fault. Grounding checks will begin tonight between the Point Sensor Box, wiring and sensors to try and locate the problem.

Shuttle manager Wayne Hale noted that the soonest they could look at launching Discovery is July 26 – providing the issue is located in the next few days.

The Point Sensor Box has been previously tested – and results showed it to be working as expected. However, this area has received mentions over recent days as a potential area that may be part of the fault tree relating to the ECO sensor issue.

Earlier today, a source noted a more specific potential issue.

“The ECO sensor is a very simple device, it’s a ‘1’ square grid with five filament wires,” he said. “One side of the grid is connected to one output wire, and the other side of the grid is connected to the other output wire.

“The sensor was working fine prior to the checkout test, and worked correctly when they stopped the checkout.

“It’s becoming more and more obvious that something is wrong with the checkout circuit.”

More news and quotes to follow later from the press conference.

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