Spaceflight L2

by Chris Bergin

NASASpaceflight is proud to announce the launch of a new service for those wishing to be fully informed of the very latest developments in the world of space flight.

Spaceflight L2 is an optimised, in-depth resource keeping you in touch with the inner workings of Space Shuttle processing, CEV development, ESAS development and international launch news.

As a media site, has already helped change the way you hear about space flight news. Thanks to our pool of writers and superb sources, we have broken some of the major space flight news stories in just the first year of operations – and thanks to our growing number of loyal sources, embedded within the space flight community, this site is on a mandate to continue to bring readers space flight news, first.

This site has broken nearly all of the major External Tank news stories over the last year. We have also broken STS news stories, such as the Discovery O2 leak – which became a major news article on the main news networks three days later, and the methane elimination from the ESAS development, plus many more.

Breaking news stories can take time to be turned around into complete news articles, given the public domain element of all websites. L2 is a secure area of the site, visible only to signed up L2 members, which you will be informed the second we hear from our sources.

The central element of the L2 section is ‘WIP’ – (Work in Progress). WIP comes in several forms for L2 members, with a live e-mail system – with options to receive e-mails, or read them back on a web-based server – and secure forum section. You will be listening in on the info as it arrives from sources, and as it’s evaluated by the writers – prior to being made public.

We won’t be breaking any export control, or confidentiality rules – we are responsible in our reporting, but you won’t be able to get closer to the news than you will be able to with L2. Feel involved, feel like a fly on the wall, and take your interest in space flight to a new level.

Among many other benefits, L2 members will also be able to access the Space Flight Launch and Event calendar, ensuring you never miss a launch, or a key event in the year. More benefits are available, with more to come.

For just a small subscription rate – used soley to support this site’s costs – you can be involved with the inner workings of your favourite subject.

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