STS-115: Enjoy the silence

by Chris Bergin

Following the dramatics of the scrubbed launch countdown a few days ago, NASA is currently enjoying smooth sailing for Shuttle Atlantis in orbit on STS-115.

Atlantis’ six member crew are currently involved with scanning the protective heat shield on the orbiter, checking for any areas of concern. So far no issues have been found.

**L2 STS-115 Coverage: L-2 and L-1 MMT Notes. ALL related handbooks, from Final Flight Plan to EVA Presentations (550mb of 115 presentations downloadable)**.

**STS-115: LIVE COUNTDOWN AND LAUNCH Update Page** – **Flight Day 2 – Live**

Key Points/Newsflashes: All Ascent Imagery and WLES data has been downlinked. CryoConsumables currently support 2 extension days if needed. MMT Flight Day 2 Summary now available on L2. OMS area of concern.

Refer to live update thread for up to the second updates.

Using the OBSS (Orbiter Boom Sensor System) on the end of Atlantis’ Robotic Arm, images and video are being taken from the inspections, for evaluation by specialists on the ground.

Every inch of the belly of Atlantis, the nose cap, RCC (Reinforced Carbon Carbon) leading edge wings and thermal protection blankets surrounding the crew cabin will be scanned.

‘I have not seen a single problem with the vehicle,’ said Paul Dye, STS-115 Lead Shuttle Flight Director. ‘We’ve been scanning the vehicle and so far everything has gone to plan, expect we’re a little early (in the schedule).

‘There’s not much more to say! I haven’t seen anything that has caught my eye. The crew is ahead of schedule.’

Focused inspection – where areas of any concern are focused on for an even closer look – will take place in a couple days.

The boom will be stowed back in cargo bay ahead of Monday’s docking with the International Space Station (ISS), where preparations for Atlantis’ arrival are going well.

‘On the Space Station side, we’re obviously ready to receive our guests,’ noted John McCullough, STS-115 Lead ISS Flight Director. ‘Earlier today, the Progress re-supply ship completed its purging – which is done before a Shuttle arrives to ensure there are no contaminants in the atmosphere.

‘Progress will undock shortly before Atlantis is due to leave.’

Prepacking of experiments that will return to Earth onboard Atlantis have also been completed, along with the readiness of the docking adaptor, ahead of Atlantis arrival tomorrow.

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