Crack in Discovery’s landing gear repaired

by Chris Bergin

Shuttle orbiter Discovery has arrived in the VAB, following a 30 minute trip to the VAB that began late tonight – local time.

The rollover was initially delayed due to a crack that was found in a sensor bracket on her Right Main Landing Gear, during preparations in OPF 3 (Orbiter Processing Facility). A replacement part, taken from Endeavour, was the orginal plan, but engineers decided to repair the crack with a special tape.

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This morning, a NASA memo pointed to the requirement of taking a part from Endeavour, for use on Discovery.

‘While performing Right Main Landing Gear area inspections in preparation for gear retraction, a crack was found in the (item number deleted) sensor bracket that holds the Right Main Landing Gear Uplock Indication Proximity Sensor,’ noted a NASA memo acquired by this site.

‘Bracket located on the forward bulkhead of the wheel well behind the torque arm.  Engineering forward plan is to R&R (remove and replace) the bracket by cannibalizing one from OV-105 (Endeavour).

‘Weight and CG was completed yesterday morning.  Orbiter Forward and Aft attach point mates to the transporter were completed on 2nd shift Monday prior to picking up (crack find) and preventing gear retraction.’

However, with the news that the crack has been taped up – with loading showing the repair is deemed successful, NASA and the United Space Alliance were able to rollover Discovery without any considerable delay.

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