MSFC engineers conduct hot-fires of Ares V engine hardware

by Chris Bergin

Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) engineers are close to completing a two month-long series of hot-fire tests on subscale main injector hardware, which is part of the development of the RS-68 main engine.

Five RS-68s will be used to power the first stage of the giant Ares V, set to join NASA’s fleet in the latter part of the next decade, as part of the return to the moon and on to Mars.
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The tests were conducted between March 9 and March 14 on the East Test Stand at MSFC. More tests may be conducted on different injector designs, which is a key engine component.

‘This first series of tests was performed on a subscale injector that contained 40 individual elements for propellant flow,’ noted information in the center’s Marshall Star. ‘During the tests, engineers fired the injector horizontally for durations of 10 to 20 seconds.

The component is used to inject and mix hydrogen and liquid oxygen propellants in the combustion chamber on the RS-68 – which is an upgraded version the Delta IV engine – where they are ignited and burned to produce thrust.

‘Engineers are also conducting a second series of tests, on a subscale main injector containing 58 elements,’ added MSFC. ‘Those tests began March 16 and will continue through the end of the month.

‘The hot-fire tests of the injector hardware and the number of elements are part of efforts to investigate design options and maximize performance of the RS-68 engine.’

Engineers will also use the data from the tests in the development of the J-2X engine, which will power the Upper Stage of the Ares I vehicle.

These tests, according to MSFC, are part of a two-month series begun in late January, were conducted by a joint center team including members of Marshall’s Exploration Launch Projects Office, Engineering Directorate and Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate.

In other news, Pilot Parachute Drop Tests for Ares I will resume at the end of June, with a repeat of the test that ended in failure at the start of the year.

‘The Pilot Drop Test #3 (PDT #3) failure investigation final report was released last week and a formal briefing was presented this week to the First Stage Element management and Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) engineering,’ noted Constellation memos.

‘The First Stage team has reached an agreement on the final design details for the replacement Drop Test Vehicle (DTV) as well as the target dynamic pressure for the repeat test. Electronic initiated pyrotechnic cutters will be incorporated and the cutters will be operated by an onboard electronic timer/sequencer unit, for controlling all timed cutaway events for future drop tests.

‘The First Stage Element will conduct a comprehensive Test Configuration Review (TCR) in May with the Pilot Parachute Drop Test Repeat (PDT #3R) scheduled for the week of June 25 at the Yuma Proving Grounds (YPG).’

Also, next week, Boeing will announce who they have partnered with, as they bid for the Ares I Upper Stage contract. They’ll be up against Lockheed Martin, ATK and Pratt & Whitney. 

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