ILS Proton-M launches with Canada’s Anik F3

by Chris Bergin

International Launch Services (ILS) have kicked off 2007 with the launch of the Russian Proton-M launch vehicle, with Breeze M upper stage, carrying the Canadian communication satellite Anik F3 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan. Lift-off was at 23:54 UK time. is covering the launch as a live event, with background, interactive live updates, images and launch video – NOW AVAILABLE, all available on the link below (read more).


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The Proton (8K82M No. 53516) launch vehicle will inject the satellite into geosynchronous transfer orbit, using a five-burn Breeze M (14S43 No. 88519) mission design.
The first three stages of the Proton will use a standard ascent trajectory to place the Breeze M fourth stage, with the satellite, into a suborbital trajectory, from which the Breeze M will place itself and the spacecraft into a circular reference, or parking, orbit of 173 km (107.5 miles), inclined at 51.5 degrees.
Then the satellite will be propelled to its transfer orbit by additional burns of the Breeze M. Following separation from the Breeze M, the spacecraft will perform a series of liquid apogee engine burns to raise perigee, lower inclination and circularize the orbit at the geostationary altitude of 35,786 km (22,236 miles).
Weather is forecast to be good for launch, with engineers posting on the ILS blog noting: ‘At the State Commission meeting, weather reports indicated the possibility of some precipitation on launch day.

‘Winds are forecasted to be mild and the temperature at liftoff should be just below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius), which is good for the batteries.’

The Anik F3 satellite will provide a full range of satellite communications services that include telephony, business communications, Internet-based services and television transmission and is equipped with 24 active transponders in C-band, 32 in Ku-band and 2 in Ka-band.

The satellite, operating in geostationary orbit, will provide commercial services for a minimum of 15 years. Anik F3 will operate at the 118 degrees WL orbital position.

Anik F3 is the second Eurostar E3000 satellite built by EADS Astrium for Telesat following their order for Anik F1R in 2003. Telesat is a wholly owned subsidiary of BCE Inc., a leading communications company with shares listed in the United States, Canada and Europe.

This will be the 40th Proton launch for ILS, and the 325th Proton mission overall.

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