NASA and ATK ready for Ares/STS booster test

by Chris Bergin

ATK and NASA will be conducting a static fire test of one Solid Rocket Booster (SRB), known as FSM-14 (Flight Support Motor), Thursday.

The always-spectacular test will fire over 15 million horsepower up a hillside at ATK’s test facility in Utah, in order to provide performance data on replacement insulation materials for the shuttle’s remaining flights, and test data for the first stage of the Ares I Crew Launch Vehicle.

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The two minute static fire test is the first of 2007, following the successful FSM-13 night firing in November, 2006, which passed vital imagery evaluations for the subsequent STS-116 launch – the first night launch since the loss of Columbia in 2003.

‘The motor firing will provide the Space Shuttle Program with performance data on asbestos-free candidate insulation replacement materials to meet future environmental constraints,’ noted NASA information. ‘The test also will provide test data for the Ares I crew launch vehicle and NASA’s future exploration goals to return humans to the moon.

In all, the Space Shuttle Reusable Solid Rocket Booster Project Office at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama have 58 principal test objectives.

With Ares I utilizing a 5 segment version of the booster, recent static fire tests have been used for the collection of important test data, which will in turn be used in the development of the vehicle that will eventually replace the shuttle.

‘Obtain wide view far field plume radiometric measurements to support KSC VAB QD studies for Ares I,’ noted ATK information on the test objectives. ‘Obtain accelerometer, acoustic, and displacement measurements to support definition of motor-generated external loads for Ares I.’

Along with the other test objectives for the new insulation candidates, along with various other data requirements, a total of 471 Instrumentation Channels will be utilized.

‘Obtain thermal performance of all field joints using O-rings made with low-temperature V1288 seal material,’ listed other test objectives. ‘Obtain performance data on CTR insulation used in the aft and center aft segments. Obtain performance data on CTR insulation used in the flex boot assembly

‘Qualify the performance of the nozzle CCP liners (except nose cap) that were manufactured using Enka rayon-based CCP at the standard carbonization temperature.

‘Obtain ultrasonic measurements for real-time non-destructive monitoring of the phenolic material in the AEC during motor operation. Obtain pressure, heat flux, temperature, and radiometer data from gage blocks on the aft exit cone.’

The test is scheduled to take place at 3pm Eastern on Thursday, in Promontory, Utah, north of Salt Lake City.

This article will be updated after the test.

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