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by Chris Bergin ADVERTISEMENT:

With now heading towards its ninth year of operations, the site has fully established itself the leading news site that specific to space flight by virtue of its access to content and information unavailable on any other space-related site, fostering more exclusives that any other space flight specific site.

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Many tens of thousands – through to the six figure range – read each news article published on the news site, which have been accredited and cited by mass media, such as CBS, MSNBC, BBC, Huffington Post and the New York Times to name but a few.

Site Visitation Numbers – Updated to End Of 2012: news site visitiations for CA, TX and FL.

We use Google Analytics embedded tracking software to ensure fully accurate reporting of our visitation numbers.

This tracking ability provides us with the confirmation of our large space industry readership base – see major visitation hubs via the graphic, left – with all the major players at the top end of our referral rankings.

In what is a rare move for a website, the figures below show our visitation numbers for 2012, with a linked presentation showing screenshots of our analytics pages – as opposed to simply posting numbers without proof:

Summary – Reporting period Jan 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012:
News site –
1.26 million uniques.
5.08 million visitors.
9.24 million page views.

Forum –
1.02 million uniques.
4.69 million visitors.
37.06 million page views.

Click here for expanded information via a PDF presentation, including samples per State and within Florida and Texas.

Placement And Exposure on

We offer a range of advertising options for a range of advertisers, from text links, to graphical placements – all of which in a range of size options – all priced at a very competitive rate.

The major difference between us and a number of other sites is we do not rely on commission-based marketing associates. When you inquire to advertise on, you’ll speak directly to me, Chris Bergin, the owner and managing editor of the site.

I’m not a marketing person, I’m a journalist, and as such you’ll gain a non-spin approach, jargon-free (no X$ per 1000 page impressions nonsense), and a willingness to offer you above and beyond the best deal you could hope for, per your campaign goals.

We will support you from the start, backing that up by offering you the opportunity to name what you think is an acceptable deal/campaign cost, prior to beating it by offering placement and support which you will find even more attractive than you had expected.

You’ll gain hands on support throughout your campaign, the ability to change placement and graphics during your campaign. Your placement will be YOURS and YOURS only, unlike some other sites which place your advert on rotation with other adverts in the same placement position. Everyone who visits the site will see your placement and only your placement, in the position you chose.

We cater for everyone, from personal sites, through to corporate campaigns – with a successful track record already achieved over the years with companies for campaigns run by Orbital and Northrop Grumman. Your loyalty to our site is fully rewarded before, during and after your placement term.

Banner sizes range from 125×125 side banners, through to the 300×250 prime box placement on the news site. Numerous placement and size options are available, as is our ad graphic creation service.

We accept payments by check, wire or paypal.

For further information about how to advertise with us contact [email protected] or [email protected]

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