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NASASpaceFlight.com, now in its eleventh year of operations, is already the leading online news resource for everyone interested in space flight specific news, supplying our readership with the latest news, around the clock, with editors covering all the leading space faring nations.

Breaking more exclusive space flight related news stories than any other site in its field, NASASpaceFlight.com is dedicated to expanding the public’s awareness and respect for the space flight industry, which in turn is reflected in the many thousands of space industry visitors to the site, ranging from NASA to Lockheed Martin, Boeing, United Space Alliance and commercial space flight arena.

With a monthly readership of over 500,000 visitors and growing, the site’s expansion has already seen articles being referenced and linked by major news networks such as MSNBC, CBS, The New York Times, Popular Science, but to name a few.

The Team:

Managing Editor: Chris Bergin.
Assistant Managing Editor/Team Admin: Chris Gebhardt.
ISS Editor: Pete Harding.
Unmanned Missions Editor: William Graham.
Chinese Missions Editor: Rui C. Barbosa.
NASA Centers Editor: Philip Sloss.
Yves-A. Grondin: Commercial Space Flight.
Marshall Murphy: Exploration Editor.
David Štula: EVA Editor

MaxQ Entertainment/NSF Photography and Video:
Nate Moeller, Brian Papke, Larry Sullivan and Steven Burgess.

Founder Directors:
Robert Price, Bruce Stewart, Mark Gerrits, Gareth Maden.

Mark Gerrits, Aaron Spence. Original Site Foundation Webmasters: Matt Shipely, Matthew Brophy.

NASASpaceFlight.com Community

This dual approach, of engaging the public with those that work in the field of space flight makes NASASpaceflight.com, via its news site and forum, a unique resource to all. The forum is the most visited Space Flight specific forum in the world, and has the largest amount of NASA, and space industry professionals visiting its pages.

NASASpaceFlight.com L2

Taking this a level higher – and a major reason for this news media’s site ability to break the news first, is the highly success L2 sections, which is a first of its kind subscription service that allows previously unheard of access to the public. This subscription revenue is used directly – and solely – for the purpose of covering the ENTIRE site’s running costs.

NASASpaceflight.com takes pride in providing its readership with the best possible service, to the point of providing free access to the level of information you’d expect to pay for on other sites and then some. For more information on L2 click here.

“I visit the site frequently, not only to see the exclusive material that shows up there, but even more valuable, the high-quality comments from dozens of very experienced posters on the discussion boards. No vacuum-head pontificating and opinion-venting here like on too many other space-related boards — this is a council of the wise and well-informed who share their insights and their puzzlements with their respected internet associates, and anyone else smart enough to look here first. They find the best assessments of events, trends, policies, and best of all, they find light cast on otherwise-invisible gaps in official silences, half-disclosures and pseudo-explanations. ”

— Jim Oberg – MSNBC


NASASpaceflight.com offers visitors an extensive source of space related news. The site’s news pages are updated throughout the day with major breaking news, syndicated throughout all of the major news wire services, via Google, Yahoo, and RSS.

NASASpaceflight.com’s outreach has been aided by major news media accrediting the site for breaking news. For an overview of the site’s outreach and examples of possible advertising campaigns on the news site of NASASpaceflight.com, refer to the advertising page or email to [email protected]

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